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There are many law firms throughout Pattaya, but few have the experience and expertise as we do to offer you the proper legal counsel that you deserve.

It's important to always have a good attorney at your disposal should the need for one arise. Oftentimes, people go about their lives in the frame of mind that they do not need a lawyer unless they habitually break the law but the truth of the matter is that once you are in dire need for representation, it's likely already too late to start looking for an attorney, especially in criminal cases. For foreign residents residing in Thailand, legal problems are often among the last things being considered, but in reality, should be among the most important things to consider when planning your new life abroad. It's for that reason alone that you are abroad in a country with laws you are most likely unfamiliar with's that you should know of a good attorney who's familiar with the local laws and who can assist you should the need arise.

When a problem involving the police occurs, many foreigners have false conceptions about the legal process in Thailand, including expectations that things here are done the same way that they are done in their own countries, or the opposite's that there is nothing a lawyer will be able to do for them. Oftentimes, this misconception can lead to unforeseen problems and the loss of precious time that could be used planning your defense strategy. Criminal charges, along with most other unpleasant occurrences in life, always arrive unexpected, and knowing a good lawyer beforehand will give you the peace of mind that you deserve should the unexpected happen.

There are also times when you may require legal assistance that don't involve criminal litigation, but where the need for representation is just as important; such as purchasing property, annulling a marriage, or obtaining a new visa or work permit. Whatever your needs may be, employing the expertise of an experienced legal professional will make the entire process easier, cheaper, and with much less hassle. Our legal team lives and breathes Thai law, and by allowing DMC to perform all the heavy lifting for you during these times will save you untold time, energy, and even money. Our law firm practices virtually every aspect of Thai law, from Property, Family and Immigration Law, to criminal and civil litigation. We cover a wide gamut of practice areas in order to serve our clients to the fullest of our abilities. We also like to build relationships with our clients from the outset, so that we are able serve them in the future should any need for legal services arise. Please do not hesitate to stop by our office, located directly behind the Tukcom IT Center in South Pattaya.

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