Criminal Law

The Thai judicial system is very different from that experienced by most visitors to the country, who are used to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Thailand works a very different method, which can cause great confusion and headaches to anyone finding themselves with a problem involving the police. A great deal of weight will be given to any allegation of wrongdoing when made by a Thai national, and it is important for any such issue to be resolved swiftly and professionally. It is essential that you have access to fast and reliable assistance in any matter, regardless of how minor the matter might seem to be. Thai laws, interpretations and penalties can be very harsh compared with those from your own country, and bail is not automatically given in most cases. Many foreigners have experienced irrevocable damage to their stay in paradise from an experience which could have been easily avoided with the correct professional advice from the outset. DMC employs a very professional team, well versed in all aspects of Thai criminal law, and can assist in providing a speedy resolution to most problems.

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